Recherches généalogiques
Recherche des anciens propriétaires, limites de propriété...


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Alain DUPAS works mainly with the Archives of Brittany and the Pays de la Loire, with the Diplomatic Archives of Nantes for Embassy and Consulate archives, the former Moroccan and Tunisian Protectorate, by mandate in Syria and the Lebanon and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nantes.

Genealogic researchs
near Consulates and
Embassys Archives


My genealogical office will draw up your family tree or property ancestry and carry out your bibliographical research as well as filing your archives :

  • direct line or agnatic ancestry, I retrace the patronymic line from son to father.
  • ancestry for the whole family, giving you a complete vision of your family.
  • patronymic or total ancestry, I retrace all the descendants of your chosen ancestor, or only those who bear his surname.
  • discover the origin of your property, its occupants and successive owners, rights of way and use.
  • search for your overseas ancestors, using Embassy and Consulate archives.


"Genealogy, is a great idea for a wedding gift,
for a golden anniversary, a retirement gift,
an event in your company, a family event."

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Preparing your file

After the research, we will give you a file with all the results, even if the research was incomplete or unfruitful:

  • a report mentioning the sources contacted

  • presentation on computer file

  • the reproduction of acts and documents found or their transcription for official registry certificates

  • a map for localisation of your ancestors